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Cordova Bay is almost a village community, relatively well-to-do, nestled between the sea on the east and the ridge on the west. Nearby there is an elementary school, small shopping centres, renowned restaurants and a golf course.    

The spirit of the St. David by-the-Sea has been a part of Cordova Bay and its community since 1944. That year, a group of Anglican women first began regularly meeting at the home of one of the parish's future members. These friendships grew to include a Sunday school, and the first one, in 1946, included 22 children. That same year, the Women’s Guild raised $600 to buy land for the future parish from Cordova Bay resident Mr. Sutcliffe.  The parish hall’s cornerstone was laid May 29, 1947. The parish then worshiped in the hall for the next twenty-eight years. It wasn’t until November 30, 1979, that the St. David’s congregation finally achieved its full dream, dedicating the building that exists today, with both the sanctuary and parish hall, on the corner of Cordova Bay Road and Sutcliffe Road.

Since 2012, the St. David's congregation has partnered with a fellow Saanich parish, St. Peter, Lakehill, to form The Two Saints Ministry.

St. David’s remains an integral part of the Cordova Bay community.  We are home to Cordova Bay Cooperative Preschool (one of the most successful co-op preschools on Vancouver Island), Pacific Dance Centre (whose young dancers who are successful in international ballet competitions), and a small bridge club. St. David’s is one of the host locations for Cordova Bay Days, a yearly festival that celebrates the community.