The Altar Guilds at St. David's and St. Peters prepare the sanctuary for all the services during the year. We look after the setting up and cleaning up after the services when the vessels and linens are removed and cleaned in preparation for the next service.  We care for the brass, silver and all of the linens and see that all hangings, frontals and items on the altar are the appropriate liturgical colour. We also arrange the flowers and decorate the sanctuary for Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.

Parishioners may sign up to donate flowers in memoriam or in special celebration or thanksgiving. We do rely on contributions from the congregation to have flowers in church so, please, consider giving on a date that has some meaning for your family (sign up sheets are located in both churches). There have been four faithful members of the Altar Guild for several years now and we really do need some new members to spread the load a little. Contact the church offices if you'd like to join our ministry!