The Two Saints Ministry Parish Council is comprised of ten individuals who meet on the second Monday evening of the month who accept and share more fully the task of continuing the church’s work in the parish and neighbourhood.  Our Parish Council is a representative body of the congregation who work together in an atmosphere and spirit of trust and openness, merging their expertise, insights and experiences to further the mission of Christ among all people.  Its members participate in the policy-making process for the parish by bringing together the needs and the hopes of the parishioners and of the entire community in which they live or serve.  The Parish Council strives to recognize and acknowledge the gifts in God’s people and to enable each person’s unique gifts to contribute to building up the community of faith.  To accomplish this, the council works with our four standing committees: Worship, Community Engagement, Buildings & Grounds and Finance. The council works to promote unity in diversity – keeping the parish together by enabling people to think, pray, work and play together.