As the pandemic still prevents our families from gathering together for Messy Church, our Messy Church team has decided to bring Messy Church to you!  Once a month our leaders prepare and drop off a themed craft bag, providing many hours of entertainment to our young families. Starting in February 2021, we would like to extend this program to others. Do you have grandchildren, neighbours or friends with young children, who could use an activity bag to keep children occupied?

The bags have a biblical theme, and for January, February and March are based on Dr. Bonnie Henry's words "Be kind, be calm, be safe".

January is "Be Calm - Peace";  February "Be kind - Love";  and March "Be safe".

Included in January's bag are:

1. A reading: Jesus' Baptism.

2. An opening and closing prayer, and a grace to say before meals.

3. A Dove Wreath - A circle of cardboard, and sheets of holly leaves, butterflies and a dove, to be decorated and then cut out.

4. Peace Symbol - another precut cardboard shape, and balls of wool to be woven all around.

5. Balloon - calming ball. A balloon to be filled with flour through a funnel - all included.

6. Flower pot to decorate and then plant with soil and bulb.

7. A bird feeder made from recyclable cups and plates, including some birdseed.

8. Crossword/word search/picture to colour etc.,

Craft bags are put together by Verity and Brenda at the church, where they are then left to "quarantine" for four days before being delivered. If you or someone you know would like to receive a Messy Church bag,  please contact the church office or Brenda at and arrangements will be made to deliver to you to pass along.