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We are delighted to announce that the protocol submitted to the regional archdeacon was approved and we will be offering a service at the St. Peter's Lakehill facility on Sunday July 12th at 10:30AM.  

It will be wonderful to be able to worship together again. 

Things will be quite different.  We will all have to accept that it will be "business as unusual".  

Entering the building will be different.  The arrangement of pews will be different.  The way we worship with music will be different.  The administration of the Eucharist will be different. 

In order to prepare for this new way of worship, we have a document for you to read in advance of the service. It is available from the "Downloads" area at the bottom of this post.  We've also created a short video that follows Mandy as she enters the church for the first time while following our new protocols.

Please note the slightly later start time of 10:30 am, but please arrive a few minutes earlier as it will now take longer to reach a pew. We will have people ready to guide you and answer questions on the day of the service.